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Slide Swords of Blood

Swords of Blood

Shadow has fallen upon the realm of men. Legendary heroes were slain. But the game of war is not over yet.
You are a Bladebound, the last remnant of a fallen order. The Sentinel, a powerful goddess, brought you back to life. With her aid, you will bring back peace into the world of war. Craft marvelous gear and embark on an epic quest to regain the legacy of your cruelly slain brethren.
Discord brought drastic fate to the World of Ezura in the past game of thrones. The Dragon Betrayer destroyed the Blade Bound order, the last bastion of hope. No one can escape his strong-arm régime but his vainglory will be his downfall.
Become a brave dungeon hunter, bounty hunting witcher, or be a grinder always looking for a greater loot. No matter which of the endless paths you choose, there is a great adventure awaiting you.

Dynamic Action RPG

Highly Addictive Game

PVE and PVP Modes

Collect amazing weapons and armour to create a powerful and invincible warrior! Forge the weapon that suits your playstyle! Choose from hundreds of unique items!

Traverse the lands of a broken world on your path to vengeance! Marvel at the vast environments, from desolated desert battlefields to ruins hidden in a jungle! Fight on higher levels to acquire even rarer and more powerful weapons!

Dynamic and gesture-controlled combat – feel the sword cutting through your enemy’s flesh! Use deadly techniques and become a blade master! Throw powerful Psalms to dominate the battlefield!

Swords of Blood Game Features: Discover the wonderful world of Ezura
Master your chosen element
Build murderous attack combinations
Craft your gears
Slay your opponents
Compete with other players

m Boasting flashy combat, stellar graphics, and a variety of game modes.
Bladebound: Swords of Blood
The first AAA-quality fast-paced hack and slash action RPG in the blockchain.

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